Monday, September 29, 2014

Passion Project Update #1

So far on my passion project I feel like I haven't done much except for some research. I mainly just read and analyzed an article on first impressions. I read an article on an experiment by Princeton and took notes on it. My only obstacle so far has been getting easily distracted while I research but I have started to move around the room to get away from different distractions. My next step is to actually talk to the professionals that I said I would reference and see their take on first impressions and what they were taught about it when they were in college.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Empathic Civilization

After listening to Jeremy Rifkin discuss empathy and different ways we as a society can come together I have began to think about how we can really bring out our "emphathic sociability". I personally think that if we were to just put ourselves in one another's shoes we could become an empathetic society. Like Dr. Pattie Thomas says we need to realize that hatred is a waste of resources. If we were all to realize that the time and energy we spend on hatred "could be used to pursue much more productive endeavors" we would all put the hatred away and become more empathetic towards EVERYONE around us. 
Going along with that, I feel like one of humanity's most pressing issues is hatred. So many people hate one another for invalid reasons. I myself, am guilty of that. However, I feel like if we put aside that hatred and began to think of everyone as equal we would begin to feel empathy for everyone as we do for our friends and family. I think that by eliminating this hate we would stop putting everyone under certain labels and begin to think everyone as just human. If we were to do this I think we actually could extend our empathy to the entire human race.
If you think back to Rifkin's speech you will hear him reference the fact that countries are actually "fictions" that we use to group ourselves together. If we stop this grouping we could and we would extend our empathy to the entire human race.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Photography Passion Project Check

Over the past couple of Fridays I've been trying to be as productive as possible with my passion project and not wasting too much time. For the most part I'm doing pretty well. There were a couple Fridays that slacked of and didn't get much done. What I have completed so far is most of the research portion of my project. I could probably get a little bit more research but I've completed around 80% of it. 

The only obstacles I'e really faced is not being able to stay focused or having some sort of shortened class period. The next few steps I need to take are:
  1. Complete research
  2. Look at and mimic famous/ interesting photos
  3. Take a few of my own photos
  4. Put everything in a presentation
Within the next couple weeks I need to really focus to get everything done. To do this I'm going to start looking for pictures to mimic at home and focus on finishing my research in class. For the most part I feel like I'm a little bit behind schedule but if I follow the right plan in the next couple of weeks I can get back on track.