Thursday, November 14, 2013

Passion Project Updates & Reflections

         Over the past 8 weeks I feel like I have gotten a lot done in my passion project however I wish I had achieved a lot more than I have. So far I have created three surveys and sent a lot of them out. In addition, after getting the results i started analyzing them and began my powerpoint. I honestly wasnt very productive all of the work days we had to work. I feel like if I had worked all the days I would have finished my powerpoint by now. Some obstacles I've had was finding a way to present my information. Although I decided on a powerpoint I still want to look for a more interesting way to present the information. I plan to continue on my powerpoint or look for a better way to present my information. I also want to create little note cards for my actual presentation. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

William Shakespeare

        In the world there are thousands of outliers. Some of them are heard of whereas other aren't as well known. Outliers can be intelligent in 3 different ways. They can have creative, analytical, or practical intelligence. One of the most well known outliers in history is William Shakespeare. He was a great poet and playwright. I think Shakespeare's highest intelligence was  his creative intelligence because he managed to write so many plays and poems. However, if you look at Shakespeare's childhood you can see that there may have been many advantages in his life that caused his success. one big advantage that shakespeare seemed to have was that his parents were pretty well off.
        His father was a member of the municipal council as well as a successful glover (a maker of gloves). In addition Shakespeare is thought to be educated at the King's New School in Stratford. At that time people weren't generally educated so this gave Shakespeare a big advantage. He got to learn a lot more about literature than common people did. This allowed him to expand his vocabulary and become a better writer. This became an accumulative advantage for him. He would have always been better than other common poets because he learned grammar and literature at a young age.
        In conclusion Shakespeare is a very successful outlier. He managed to do what he wanted (write plays and have them performed) and make a living out of it. I think Shakespeare's success was partially intelligence and partially an accumulative advantage. Shakespeare had to have been really creative to write the plays and poems that he did. However, if he hadn't gone to a school he would have accumulated the skills that he did. Overall, Shakespeare's success was a combination of creative intelligence and accumulative advantage.